The new Woodlands catering ad-venture:

The new Woodlands fever is catching on. If you are not part of this growing legion of patrons, then you are really missing a great part of the culinary experience that privileged patrons are now rejoicing through. Is it not then high time that you visit this unique food catering venture located in the heart of the city? Step-in and you will drift with the aroma of enthralling culinary appetizers that the already proud regular customers are experiencing now.

Forget about the Menu price & enjoy high quality hospitality:

The pioneering spirit of its founder and customer conscious management have developed a catering spirit laced with humane hospitality in serving food and servicing the favorite menus and dishes of its millions of customers. The customers who throng the place day in and day out have a sparkling, sweet, and a happy time at Woodlands.

With an array of delectable dishes and cuisine, we offer a multitude of culinary delights to tickle you taste buds. You'd be in ecstatic mood to ravish our offerings quite frequently and get addicted to our assorted South Indian dishes and an overwhelming warm ambiance. So, all we ask of you is just be there with your family and friends and get the feel of what we have promised you. Our aspiration is: "To provide our precious customers delight with Woodlandesque generosity, excellent and wholesome cuisine at affordable rates". This sums up our exclusive axiom of our catering adventure.

Be Healthy, Be Woodlands Healthy

Authentic Catering for Private Parties/Events:

It does not matter if you are our first time customer, you are more than welcome to place orders that suits your palate in unlimited quantities. We customize our orders so that we satisfy your taste buds. We have decades of expertise in catering for private parties and festivities to bring our hospitality culture right to your living rooms, dinner suites and festival halls for the occasion. For more details about our private catering orders, please feel free to contact us.

Woodlands is well aware of the chock-a-block life of American NRIs -- high pressure office life, bustling city traffic, very little domestic life time and money chasing, maddening career-life -- and how deprived you are of the much needed serenity and calm that seems so distant at times. Leisurely lunch or dine with us to suit your accustomed palate and preferences. We are clear winners in the race to win the hearts of our precious customers on three broad parameters. They are Service, Cuisine and Location.

You may find is hard to believe that we have not lost a single customer after their first visit and that's because of our strong commitment to flawless service, a gamut of Indian cuisine and feel-at-home character.


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